vCard Metabox (All Post Types)

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How to it Works #


First of all, go to the vCard QR tab from the plugin setting page. Click the tab, you will find below options


vCard Settings

Select Post type for vCard Metabox: Clicking on this switcher button will show the vCard meta box of that particular post type. Suppose you click on the “Pages” button. Then go to Pages> All Pages or Add New> Scroll down and you will get the vCard Meta Box option. Fill in the fields you need and publish/update the page. You will see the vCard QR code on the front end after the content. You will see a shortcode based on this page ID. Copy and paste this code into your desired location.


We applied a custom post type called “card” to the vCard meta box. Please watch the demo



vCArd Metx box Display on Particular Post type

QR Code Size: input vCard QR Code Size. If you fill in all the fields in the vCard metadata, keep the QR size large for better and faster scan, we recommend 300


QR Color:  Choose QR code Color


QR Background Color:  Choose QR code background Color. Use light color for better QR scanning control.


Display After The Content(Automatically): Clicking this switcher button will automatically display the QR Code after the content in the frontend.

Display After The Content(Automatically)



Download QR Button: Download button of QR code, clicking this button a jpg/png image will download. Choose the Button text, color & background.

Single(vCard): This is a single vCard, it is not related to the meta box vCard. It is displayed by a shortcode [qrc_vcard_single]