Auto Generate QR code

When the plugin is activated, the QR code will be generated and displayed automatically, and the content of the QR code will be the URL of the page.


How will it look and where will it look? #


This QR code is displayed after the post, page, or custom post content and for Woocommerce it will display the single product page in a separate tab.

automatic QR



Where is the settings option?: #


Please go to the WordPress admin menu and find the QR Code Composer Pro/QR Code Composer menu, click the menu and see Auto Generate QR tab.

Plugin menu


Auto Generate QR Settings: #


QR Code Composer Pro



QR Code Size: It determines QR code size,  input a square Value here

QR color & Background color:  Color option for QR code and its background

Logo Image Upload: The user Can add the Company logo from here. Click the “Insert image ” button and upload the image from the WordPress media library.

Logo Image Size: By default 50px width and 50px height, if the QR size is 100px or less than 100px, the logo size automatically decreases as per ratio.

QR alignment: You will find three options here, left, center, right

Product Qr Alignment: Single product page QR alignment settings option. You will find three options here, left, center, and right.

Change Text of Product Tab:  Write Custom Text OF QR TAb in the single product page

Download QR Text:  This option is available below the QR code, the viewer can download the QR code, if you want to change the button text then you can do it from here


How to turn off the automatic QR code option: #


If you want to turn off this option or turn it off for a specific page, post, or post type. You can do it easily. The first method is to hide the QR code by post type: If you want to automatically remove the Qr code from the entire post type like posts, pages, products,s or custom posts. Just click on the checkbox below (pictured). The entire post-type QR code will be erased.


hide the QR code by Page: If you want to remove the “automatically generated Qr codes” from specific pages. Click the checkbox next to the page name

Hide QR code


Shortcode for  Current Page URL: #


This shortcode generates a QR code based on the URL of the current page. If you want to display a QR code for a place of your choice and the content of the QR code will be the Url of the current page, then use this.


 MetaBox Support for QR Code Composer: #


What is a meta box?

When a user edits a post/ page/product/custom post the edit screen is composed of several default boxes: Editor, Publish, Categories, Tags, etc. These boxes are meta boxes.

This plugin has added a meta box. Go to the edit screen of any post. And you will see the box below





How does this meta box help you? #

You can download QR code from backend and hide QR code from the front end by clicking the select option. This box supports all post types